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We Create Events that changes  the lives of Individuals with Autism!


Our Mission

Learn about the core values of Champs for Autism and our pledge to people with Autism.

Our Events

Learn more about Champs for Autism events we host through out New York City. 

Get Involved

Are you ready to become a Champ in the Autism Community? Click here to begin.

Fiscal Sponsor

Do you need a fiscal sponsor for your upcoming event? Click here to learn more. 

Champs for Autism is a nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission to improve the lives of children with Autism. It is our goal to create inclusive events for individuals with Autism nationwide.

Children are being diagnosed with Autism at alarming rates. Unfortunately, there are not enough programs to service the needs of individuals with Autism and their families.

At Champs for Autism, we know this needs to change. That is why our foundation is composed of 3 pillars: Advocacy, Education, and Recreation.  We understand that, in order for change to occur, we must advocate for the services we need.  In order to be an advocate, one must be educated on your rights, Therefore, we provide services to educate parents on their rights within the public education system. We equip parents to communicate in a manner that properly expresses their rights and encourages cooperation within the school and community. Recreation is a requirement for living a quality live. Everyone needs an opportunity relax and have fun! Champs for Autism is on a mission to provide  every individual with Autism the opportunity to have fun and socialize in an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Need Help?

Did your child just receive a diagnosis? Are you feeling the overwhelm of navigating the Special Education System? Do you have a pending IEP meeting, but don’t know how to prepare? We offer a variety of services to help parents become the best advocates for their children. Our goal is is to help you become confident and feel well-equipped to ensure your child receives the services they deserve. The Founder of Champs for Autism has been through everything trying to get services for her son. She has done everything from homeschooling to suing the New York State Department of Education and winning! Through her experiences, we were able to develop services to help you from an authentic place. We understand all of the emotions and obstacles you will endure, and we want to help! The first step to alleviating the overwhelm is completing the questionnaire. We will contact you within 48 hours.


Our Founder Speaking at NY City Hall for Autism

Our Founder was New Yorker of the Week!

Listen to our parents!