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Champs For Autism Fashion Show

Thank you very much for visiting the Champions for Autism Children's Fashion Show Site.  This show is a charity event in order to raise more awareness about Autism and how it affects our children in the community.  1 out of 68 children are diagnosed with Autism, and it is 5 times more prevalent in boys.  


Many families of children with disabilities do not get to participate in recreational activities due to the limitations of their child's disability, and the lack of programs that include children with disabilities.


This show is an opportunity for ALL children with and without disabilities to participate, and feel empowered and included in a fun filled Children's Fashion Show. We wanted to give a platform for children to be able to have fun, express their interests and show the world their beauty and talents! 


Champ for Autism is determined to bring about a change, and bring more awareness to the community. This event is a charity fundraiser to open an Independant Private School for Children with Autism in the Bronx.  Your participation in this event will help create a better environment for children with disabilities and without to interact and learn from each other.  Together we will be able to grow and ensure that all children have a chance to be included and feel empowered through events like this!