Fiscal Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in creating a fiscally sponsored program with Champs for Autism.  We do not take your consideration lightly, and we hope we will be able to create a fiscally sponsored program for your organization.  Champs for Autism wants to be apart of change within a community, we utilize our platform to be apart of a change, and to promote change. 


A Fiscally Sponsored Program is the product of an agreement between an established 501c3 public charity and a small group of individuals who are interested in soliciting donations and grants but lack their own unique tax-exempt status. Under this agreement, a program manager, or the person responsible for the small group of individuals, works with the non-profit to help achieve their mission. The program manager or person responsible for the small group of individuals is the representative of the sponsored organization.

Key Benefits of Using a Fiscal Sponsor:


Champs for Autism understands how frustrating it can be to want to do something good but they are not able to because they do not have the means to do it. We want to be able to help fill the gap so that others that are in  need of your vital community service can obtain your services.  We sponsor organizations that align with our pillar values which are education, recreation or advocacy. If your organization falls within these lines towards a target population please feel free to apply. 


Event planning: Champs for Autism has planned and hosted tons of events and small projects.  We know how to plan and market events.  We can also give you tips on how to raise funds from your events. 


Fundability: There are many organization that will not make a donation because your company does not have a 501c3, by being fiscally sponsored by our organization you will be able to circumvent that obstacle. 


Tax Deductible Donations: Your donors will benefit from making tax-deductible donations to your project if you use a fiscal sponsor.  Champs for Autism is an approved 501 (c) 3 organization eligible to accept tax-deductible donations on your behalf. 

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